When and Where We Meet

We meet in three places:

  • (1) Online in our forum. You are welcome to use your forum ID as your contact info instead of your actual email to communicate with anyone you meet at the group if you would like to keep a discrete level of distance between your writing persona and your real world life.
  • (2) Venue 1 is quiet, accessible and allows writing group work and exercises to function without the inhibition of families and children around us.
  • (3) Venue 2 allows us more free expression for folks who want to practice their narration or performance work with the group as an audience. (Performance presentations are limited to this particular venue.)
The days of the week are flexible but typically Sunday late afternoons because this seems to be the one day of the week when folks are all Universally doing “down time” and the group isn’t competing with errands, family obligations, early morning calls for work or a night life for the more socially active. This is flexible and subject to change depending on group majority needs/requests and venue availability.
To protect the privacy of the individuals attending the group, the specific locations and times will not be posted publicly.
  • You must be an active member to get the notice for the meeting dates/times and locations as they come up.
  • You must RSVP. This allows us to determine the venue we are using and to contact you if there is a change.
  • You may NOT bring a guest. This is a serious group for adults, not a social venue for folks who haven’t figured out where to find Fetlife, TIndr, Seeking Arrangements or other similar “introduction” services.

If you know someone who wants to attend, please have them contact directly and inquire the same way that you did. We are doing our best to eliminate the bulk of curiosity seekers and problematic personalities so that we can focus on the actual work, not the titillation of the repressed and bored. Your respect for, and assistance with, is appreciated.

Alcohol is served in both spaces so you MUST be over 21 to attend a group meeting in these spaces. No exceptions. It’s the law.