Are you looking for a critique group where you can present your performance and get objective audience response?

Great! If the next 4 points describe you, then YOU are exactly who we are looking for!

  • You are over 21
  • Enjoy creative performance (watching and doing) and looking for a laboratory to explore it in
  • Are serious about improving your performance (narration, story telling, comedy, dance, etc)
  • Understand and agree that not everyone is going to love what you bring. It happens

What to expect:

  • A focus on objective feedback of your performance without judgment for the chosen material
  • Respectful, non-sexualized support for you as a performer of impolite, sexualized material
  • *Camaraderie and no “slut shaming” for either gender

*Please see “how to get permanently banned” for the exceptions to this rule.

What to bring:

  • You, your sense of humor and your performance piece! Please let us know what your performance work is BEFORE you arrive for the meeting so we can plan accordingly. Not all venue spaces for us will allow performance practice so this will also ensure and confirm that you arrive at the right meeting at the right location where you will be free to give your presentation and get feedback without inhibition
  • There is a 3 minute time allotment for folks. If your work will run longer than that and you need more time for it, please ask first. Otherwise, we may need to interrupt you at the three minute mark (and we ask that you plan accordingly.)
  • If you would like to have your performance recorded by audio or video ON YOUR OWN device, please let us know ahead of time and we will be happy to accommodate you by having the facilitator of the group or someone else that YOU agree to, handle the recording for you
  • You may NOT record audio or video of anyone else in the group. If you do not have, or have forgotten, recording equipment of your own – you MUST preface your performance with a verbal statement indicating who you have given permission to record you on their device with the date and time of the performance so it is on record

Performer’s group laboratory rules:

  • STREET LEGAL ONLY! This means NO exposed nipples, genitals, full nudity, sexual displays. Alcohol being served in these venues is a very real and legal consideration that forbids these things. Think you are in a grey area or an exception? Check with your local police department or a lawyer for clarification. If WE aren’t sure when we see it, we will interrupt your performance and end your time without argument until we can check the local laws about it for future reference. You do not get to argue with us on this
  • Please respect our host sites, the group members and the general public and focus on art, not shock value
  • THE RULE: If it could get anyone arrested for performing it in public, it isn’t welcome here either
  • Finally, not everything is for everybody and art is in the eye of the beholder. Take all feedback given as general impressions from a small sample group and not the “be all-end all” arbiter of your worth as a performer

How to get permanently banned

  • Be a creep. Be creepy. Be lecherous. Try to use the group as a grounds for creeping for dates. All other things that people don’t like in any OTHER group either. Don’t be that person
  • Be obnoxious, abusive or otherwise bring your giant ego with you as your bodyguard and run roughshod over the feelings and sensitivities of others. If your greatest frustration in life is “this damn PC culture and these easily offended snowflakes” or something similar, you won’t find sympathetic spirits here. We are open minded and tolerant not looking for excuses to be offensive to folks
  • Show up on a sex offender registry list or have a conviction of domestic abuse/assault in your criminal history
  • Attempt to offer a performance that is NOT street legal and then try to argue with the moderator about it. If the moderator says no, the answer is NO
  • Record or attempt to record anyone in this group without their specific permission and knowledge