Are you looking for a critique group that embraces dirty words, dirty thoughts and clean writing?

Great! If the next 4 points describe you, then YOU are exactly who we are looking for!

  • You are over 21.
  • Enjoy writing (and reading) erotic literature (poetry, stories, comedy and more).
  • Are serious about improving your writing.
  • Understand and agree that not everyone is going to love what you bring. It happens.

What to expect:

  • A focus on critique of your writing work without judgment for the chosen material.
  • Group writing exercises to help loosen up your writing inhibitions and sharpen your writing skills.
  • Respectful, non-sexualized support for you as a writer of impolite, sexualized material.
  • *Camaraderie and no “slut shaming” for either gender.

*Please see “how to get permanently banned” for the exceptions to this rule.

What to bring:

Your material/writing on paper.

  • Double spaced
  • 12 point size
  • Easy to read font style
  • No more than 3 pages in length
  • Enough copies for everyone attending the group
  • IF THIS IS POETRY/PROSE – please limit this to 3 or less poems with same guidelines above
  • Comedy – if this is actual stand up material, please refer to the “Performers” page

You will get the most out of your time if you bring the sections where you are struggling with something and need the objective feedback. This is a group where everyone has material to be reviewed so we are limited in the amount of time we can allocate to everyone.

Critique rules:

  • Focus on the writing! My kink is not your kink and all that jazz. Don’t personally like erotica about alien squirrels having tentacle sex with human squids after octopi have been surgically attached to their genitals? If you are focused on the writing, it won’t matter. And if you can’t focus on the writing, opt out of that particular critique exercise for that particular piece of work. Does erotica about Victorian butlers shining patent leather shoes into a gleaming shine send you around the bend and right into orgasmic, drooling, incoherent orgasmic shivers? Focus on the writing and if you still can’t focus because it pushes ALL your happy buttons, again, opt out instead of embarrassing yourself and making everyone else uncomfortable. In both cases, no explanation necessary and yes – you are required to return the writing sample to the writer.
  • Be respectful. There will be times when someone writes about something that really pushes all the wrong hot buttons. Know when something is triggering you or really challenging your tolerance levels and opt out of the critique if you know your bias is going to interfere with your ability to give constructive feedback.
  • Be kind. It takes a tremendous amount of courage for some folks to put their efforts out there on display. If it is something that really warrants a strong response, explain why you think so before you offer the critique and understand that no one is obligated to listen to it.
  • Be a grown up. Know your limitations and if something is too hard for you to listen to, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You can leave the room, return the writing material without critique or if you ARE being critiqued, you can ask them to stop and to put it in writing instead so you can review it privately later.
  • And Finally – the material that is not accepted for review by the group is posted and repeated here:
    • NOTHING INVOLVING MINORS, EVEN IF IT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE. This is neither a pedophile or hebephile support group nor is it therapy. If it involves folks who are clearly not adults yet, it is not welcome.
    • Non-consensual violence against someone else. Sorry kinksters! If your thing involves non-consensual anything done TO someone else – it won’t get a pass here. You are, however, more than welcome to share anything where you are the recipient. So, in case you are confused: If you are the recipient of a rape, strangling, whipping, beating, etc – you are welcome to share your personal experiences of this. If this is being done to someone else? Assume it isn’t welcome. Seem unfair? So is non-consensual violence and that is a lot more traumatic and unnecessary.

How to get permanently banned

  • Be a creep. Be creepy. Be lecherous. Try to use the group as a grounds for creeping for dates. All other things that people don’t like in any OTHER group either. Don’t be that person.
  • Be obnoxious, abusive or otherwise bring your giant ego with you as your bodyguard and run roughshod over the feelings and sensitivities of others. If your greatest frustration in life is “this damn PC culture and these easily offended snowflakes” or something similar, you won’t find sympathetic spirits here. We are open minded and tolerant not looking for excuses to be offensive to folks.
  • Show up on a sex offender registry list or have a conviction of domestic abuse/assault in your criminal history.
  • Use this group as a form of exhibitionism where you are all “display” and no meaningful feedback or participation for anyone else. If you just need an audience for your “stuff”, I recommend going to an erotic open mic near you. You will be welcome to strut your stuff there without any expectation of more from you.